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Jared & Clare

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our profile. We appreciate the decision you're making, and if you find us to be a good fit for your child, we hope the one thing you'll take away from our profile is a feeling of confidence that your child will grow up with unconditional love, support and an understanding of your selfless act.

About Us

Stay-at-Home Mom
Bachelor's Degree in Psychology
Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology
Legally Married

Our Favorite Vacation Spot

Fun in the Sand

We are incredibly lucky to have access to a family beach house just a few hours away that we go to each year. Clare has made this annual trip since she was born, and it’s the perfect time to reunite with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. The beach is just a short walk from the house, and you can smell the ocean air from the rocking chairs on the porch. We brought our son, Robbie, there for the first time last year, and it was really special to see him experience somewhere that Clare has loved her entire life. Robbie's face lit up when he saw the ocean, and he loved dipping his toes into the water and playing in the sand.

A Beautiful Day at the Beach

We enjoy taking long strolls down the beach, watching the seagulls and then heading back to the house for big family dinners. Clare’s parents always used to hide pirate treasure for her and her sister to find, and it was so much fun to bring that and other traditions to the next generation of kids in the house. This is our favorite trip of the year and it’s a place that holds such special memories for our family.

Why We Chose Adoption

Family Nature Class

We have a biological son, Robbie, and we love him more than words can describe. He is full of energy and is incredibly sweet and loving. We feel so lucky to be his parents and to get to watch him grow up. We know that he will be a wonderful big brother one day. We had difficulty getting pregnant and pursued infertility treatments for close to a year before becoming pregnant with Robbie. Clare had serious complications with her pregnancy and as a result, she is no longer physically able to carry a child. While this was devastating news, we took time to grieve this loss and are excited and ready to move forward with adoption. Adoption has been present in our lives in various ways over the years. Clare’s mother was adopted by her step-father when she was a child. Clare spent years working with children in foster care as a therapist and worked with many families built through adoption. We also both had childhood friends who were adopted. We have seen first hand that love is what makes a family, not genetics or biology. We will love this child no differently than we love Robbie and are so hopeful about growing our family through adoption.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

Clare About Jared: Jared and I have been together for 12 years and my love for him has only grown stronger with each passing year. We met when we were 18 and have grown up together. Jared is loving, patient, kind, funny and creative. He is a wonderful dad and the tremendous amount of love he has for our son is undeniable. On a regular day, you can find him reading countless books to Robbie—complete with funny character voices—and chasing him around the house for a game of hide and seek. I love how thoughtful he is and what a great role model he is for Robbie.

Jared About Clare: Clare is my best friend and when we started dating, it didn’t take long for me to know we would be together forever. I think about the night I fell for her, when she put her moonwalking “skills” on display, and how she’s made me smile every day since. Her selfless and loving nature continually inspires me to be better, and nothing makes me happier than seeing her laughing and playing with our son.


A Day at the Orchard
A Day at the Orchard
Pumpkin Patch Fun
Pumpkin Patch Fun
Hunting for Easter Eggs
Hunting for Easter Eggs
All Smiles Reading in Robbie's Room
All Smiles Reading in Robbie's Room
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
Daily Dog Snuggles
Daily Dog Snuggles
Robbie Loves Aunt Amelia
Robbie Loves Aunt Amelia
Clare and Robbie Baking
Clare and Robbie Baking
Dragons Love Tacos!
Dragons Love Tacos!
Family Time on Our Deck
Family Time on Our Deck
Playing in Our Backyard with the Pups
Playing in Our Backyard with the Pups
Robbie Conquering the Beach!
Robbie Conquering the Beach!
1 / 12
A Day at the Orchard
A Day at the Orchard
2 / 12
Pumpkin Patch Fun
Pumpkin Patch Fun
3 / 12
Hunting for Easter Eggs
Hunting for Easter Eggs
4 / 12
All Smiles Reading in Robbie's Room
All Smiles Reading in Robbie's Room
5 / 12
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
6 / 12
Daily Dog Snuggles
Daily Dog Snuggles
7 / 12
Robbie Loves Aunt Amelia
Robbie Loves Aunt Amelia
8 / 12
Clare and Robbie Baking
Clare and Robbie Baking
9 / 12
Dragons Love Tacos!
Dragons Love Tacos!
10 / 12
Family Time on Our Deck
Family Time on Our Deck
11 / 12
Playing in Our Backyard with the Pups
Playing in Our Backyard with the Pups
12 / 12
Robbie Conquering the Beach!
Robbie Conquering the Beach!

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Kitchen

We live on a quiet cul-de-sac in a suburb of Georgia. Our house has four bedrooms and a spacious fenced-in backyard that’s perfect for our two dogs and son. It was the first place we lived that had a basement, so we immediately set up a projector for family pizza-and-a-movie nights.

Our neighborhood is great for daily walks, and we often pass by many other young families out enjoying the fresh air. The neighborhood has a pool, tennis courts and a clubhouse, and we are just a short walk from the elementary school, a playground, a pond and parks.

Our Home

We live in one of the best school districts in the state, and our community offers a variety of fun, family-friendly events year round. On the weekends, we like to go to the nearby Main Street which has a farmer’s market, plays kids’ movies outside during the summer, and does fun theme nights like Harry Potter and Star Wars.

Just beyond that is the city and access to museums, a zoo, an aquarium and so much more. We’re looking forward to showing our children all that there is to see and do as we create memories as a family.

Our Extended Families

Robbie Meeting His Great Grandma!

We both come from tight-knit families, so when we were ready to settle down, we decided to pack it all up and move across the country to be closer to them. Clare’s parents, sister, aunt, cousins and grandmother now all live within 20 minutes of us—with more just a state away—and we appreciate every opportunity we get to visit with them.

Christmas Family Photo

Clare’s parents often come over to spend time with our son, Robbie, and it’s incredible to see his eyes light up every time “LaLa” and grandpa come in. While current times have made traveling to see Jared’s family up north a challenge, we’re looking forward to all the memories our children will have with them in the years to come.

We spend every holiday with family, enjoying great food, laughter and lots of games. We’re also fortunate enough to take a trip each summer as a family to Clare’s grandmother’s beach house. Clare has gone there every year since she was born, and we’re excited to give those same experiences to our children.Quality time with our family is the most important part of our life, and everyone is just as excited as we are to welcome a new child into the fold.

From Us to You

Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. We can’t imagine what you must be feeling and hope that we have provided the information you need to find peace in whatever direction you choose to go. The love you have for your child is unquestionable and will be something we share with him or her each and every day if you choose us to be parents. We recognize and appreciate your compassion and courage as you make this difficult decision to consider an adoption plan for your child.

We are a family of three living in a nice, quiet suburb of Georgia. We met 14 years ago at Rutgers University in New Jersey during our freshman year of college. We quickly bonded over being two of the only out-of-state students in our dorm (Clare from Georgia and Jared from Massachusetts). We were friends for two years and then began dating during our junior year. We have been together for 12 years and married for almost six. We have been through a lot together?"from moving across the country (twice) to buying homes, pursuing infertility treatments, becoming parents to our beautiful son, Robbie, and to experiencing medical complications that prevent the possibility of another pregnancy.

Through all of these triumphs and challenges, we have become stronger in our love for each other and in our marriage. We are truly best friends and are always there to support each other and provide a much-needed laugh on a difficult day. Jared’s easygoing nature is the perfect balance for Clare’s Type A personality. We are a great team in all aspects of life.

Family is the most important thing to us and we can’t wait to share our love with another child. Both of our families are thrilled about our journey to grow our family through adoption and have been tremendously supportive throughout this process. They can’t wait to share their immense love with another child. Our son, Robbie, would be a wonderful big brother and would certainly enjoy sharing his favorite game of hide-and-seek as well as his passion for learning about animals and science with his future younger sibling. Some of our favorite moments are simply reading books together, going for family walks with our two dogs, and playing outside with Robbie. Your child would be raised in a home filled with unconditional love and acceptance, a lot of fun, and a warm, supportive environment. We are looking forward to having ongoing contact with you through letters, emails, pictures, phone calls or FaceTimes and may be open to in-person visits throughout the years when the time is right. We recognize the important role you will continue to play in your child’s life, and they will always know about you and their story.

We are so grateful that you have taken the time to read this glimpse into our lives. If there is any other information you'd like from us, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We only wish you the best.

Jared & Clare


Sam Rockwell
Steve Carrell
Rose Byrne
Anna Kendrick
Steven King
Brené Brown
The Chocolate War
The Gifts of Imperfection
Candy Bar
Childhood Memory
Visiting grandparents in Maine
Going to the beach each year with my family and extended family
Childhood Toy
G.I. Joe action figures
Stuffed giraffe
Children's Book
The New Kid on the Block by Jack Prelutsky
The World Needs More Purple People
Savannah, GA
Savannah, GA
Classic Movie
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Home Alone
Day of Week
Chocolate pecan pie
Jared's chocolate pecan pie
Disney Movie
Dream Car
Dream Job
Travel blogger
Dream Vacation
Bora Bora
Bora Bora
Family Activity
Hiking with Robbie and our dogs
Hiking with Robbie and our dogs
Flower / Plant
Strawberry bush
Fettucine alfredo
Buffalo Chicken Pizza
Form of Exercise
Lifting weights
Yoga and walking our dogs
Holiday Song
Carol of the Bells
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas
Holiday Tradition
Watching Christmas movies
Baking cookies and watching Christmas movies as a family
Ice Cream
Brownie Moose Tracks
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Junk Food
Barbecue chips
Leisure Activity
Memory with a Child
First trip to the beach
Bringing Robbie to the beach for the first time that I have been going to since I was born
Memory with Spouse
Getting engaged
Going to St. Lucia on our honeymoon
The Way Way Back
Little Miss Sunshine
Movie Munchie
Cookie dough bites
White cheddar popcorn
Movie Type
Musical Group
Of Monsters and Men
Death Cab for Cutie
Olympic Event
Beach Volleyball
Quality about my Spouse
She is very caring.
He has a great sense of humor and can always make me laugh.
Lazy Dog Cafe
Local Southern food restaurant
Thanksgiving sandwich
Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich
Shopping Store
Sport to Play
Beach volleyball
Sport to Watch
Gymnastics or baseball
Sports Star
Shaun White
Simone Biles
Sports Team
Subject in School
Spanish and Psychology
Thing to Cook
Mexican food
Time of Day
Hosting Thanksgiving
Annual family beach trip
TV Show
The Office
The Office
TV Show Character
Phillip J. Fry
Dwight Schrute
Vacation Spot
The beach
Video Game
Mario Kart 64
Mario Kart 64

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