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Ryan & Natalya

Adoption helped us start our family and now we hope to expand it. Thank you for viewing our profile. Choosing us to be your child's family would truly make our dreams come true. We have so much love and joy to share. We hope you will consider helping us on our journey to grow our family.

About Us

Physician Life Coach
Doctor of Medicine
Doctor of Medicine
Legally Married

Adoption in Our Lives

Our Family

We have one child, our son Marshall, born and adopted in 2020. We met his birth mother shortly before Marshall was born and we were able to be there when she delivered him. He is now 2.5 years old and full of energy. He enjoys reading, playing outside and swimming.

Our son knows who his birth mothers is, what she looks like, why she chose adoption for him and how and why she chose us to be his family. We communicate with her regularly, so we can tell her how he is doing and we can tell him what she is up to. As our son gets older, he may have questions that only his birth mother can help answer, so we are glad she is part or our lives.

Natalya's father is also adopted but his adoption was closed. He lived most of his life not knowing his adoption story, who his birth parents were and why they chose adoption. This was a source of pain for him for a long time. Comparing Natalya's father's experience to our son's, has really helped us to appreciate the benefits of an open adoption.

When our son joined our family, his birth mother became a part of it as well. We love our son and we love his birth mother too. We are grateful for the open adoption process and to his birth mother who helped to make us a family.

Our Leisure Time

Exploring Colonial Williamsburg

In our free time, we love getting together with family and friends, going out to eat, shopping and watching movies. We enjoy relaxing by our pool in the summer. In the fall and winter, Natalya loves watching Pittsburgh Steelers football or University of Kentucky men's basketball. Ryan enjoys working in the yard and improving our gardens and landscaping.

Natalya loves to read and spends time reading every day. Marshall also likes to read, so they enjoy this activity together. Natalya takes a dance class every week and dances in a recital every June complete with costumes and all. Ryan plays the piano and fills our home with his music. Marshall likes to pretend to play the piano just like his Daddy. Ryan also takes a karate class every week and is hoping to earn a black belt someday. Marshall isn't quite old enough for sports yet but he did try a soccer class for toddlers and discovered how much he loves to run.

We travel several times a year to visit family, go to concerts, attend a conference for work or just enjoy a family vacation. We enjoy summer beach trips, often with Ryan or Natalya's family. And we especially love going to amusement parks. Our favorites include Busch Gardens, Universal Orlando and Disney World.

Our Adventures

Disney Fun

We love to travel. We travel several times a year to visit family, go to concerts, attend a conference for work or just enjoy a family vacation. We have several favorite spots. Natalya's brother lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, so we love to visit there. In Williamsburg, Virginia we can learn about colonial history, eat delicious Southern food or go to Busch Gardens amusement park. We often travel to Orlando, Florida for the warmer weather and the Universal Orlando theme parks. We enjoy trips to the beach, especially with Ryan or Natalya's family. Our favorite beach is Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

We went on our first trip to Disney World in 2022. It was Marshall's first plane ride ever and he loved it. Ryan's favorite ride was the Tower of Terror. Natalya loved all the Disney shopping. Our favorite moment was when Marshall got to meet "The Beast" from Beauty and the Beast. We hope to go again and make more fun Disney memories.

We have traveled to so many other amazing places, including Washington D.C., New York City, Chicago, San Diego and Hawaii. We can't wait to share our future trips with our children!


Downtown Williamsburg
Downtown Williamsburg
Playing in the Leaves
Playing in the Leaves
Playground Fun
Playground Fun
Playing Piano
Playing Piano
Happy Together
Happy Together
We Can't Wait to Add Another Child to Our Family!
We Can't Wait to Add Another Child to Our Family!
Marshall Loves His Piano
Marshall Loves His Piano
Billy Joel Concert on Valentine's Day
Billy Joel Concert on Valentine's Day
Our Pups, Gizmo & El
Our Pups, Gizmo & El
Marshall & Natalya at the Playground
Marshall & Natalya at the Playground
Our First Disney Trip
Our First Disney Trip
Watching Football
Watching Football
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Downtown Williamsburg
Downtown Williamsburg
2 / 12
Playing in the Leaves
Playing in the Leaves
3 / 12
Playground Fun
Playground Fun
4 / 12
Playing Piano
Playing Piano
5 / 12
Happy Together
Happy Together
6 / 12
We Can't Wait to Add Another Child to Our Family!
We Can't Wait to Add Another Child to Our Family!
7 / 12
Marshall Loves His Piano
Marshall Loves His Piano
8 / 12
Billy Joel Concert on Valentine's Day
Billy Joel Concert on Valentine's Day
9 / 12
Our Pups, Gizmo & El
Our Pups, Gizmo & El
10 / 12
Marshall & Natalya at the Playground
Marshall & Natalya at the Playground
11 / 12
Our First Disney Trip
Our First Disney Trip
12 / 12
Watching Football
Watching Football

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in a wonderful area of Pennsylvania, surrounded by picturesque farmland, green grass, corn fields and beautiful old tress. We have a large home with a swimming pool, swing set and plenty of yard space. Our development has a walking path that runs right next to our house and extends all the way down to the local elementary school. It's perfect for our family walks.

Marshall Playing on Our Swingset

Our town is a historic, lively, college town filled with "mom and pop" coffee shops, bookstores and boutiques, local breweries, and great restaurants. The library has a terrific children's wing with plenty of books to browse and toys to play with. There are several local parks and playgrounds where we can enjoy the outdoors with our son and our dogs. Our town is known for its excellent public schools and is also home to one of the oldest colleges in the country.

There is so much to see and do in our area. While our home is in a rural area, we are not far from the city and its perks including concerts, theatre, restaurants and shopping. We even have a nearby amusement park. The area is well known for its family friendly activities including plenty of youth sports. We truly feel there is no better place for children to grow up.

Our Extended Families

Natalya's Family

Family means everything to us. In addition to our son and our 2 dogs, we both have large extended families. Most of our immediate family members live near us or within a few hours' drive including both Ryan and Natalya's parents, Ryan's brother and several of Natalya's siblings and their families. We enjoy spending time with our families as often as possible. A get together with Ryan's family usually involves lots of home cooked meals or home improvement projects while get togethers with Natalya's family may involve watching sports or movies, or a competitive round of board games.

Ryan's Family

Natalya is part of a large extended Puerto Rican family, with family living in Pennsylvania, New York state and Puerto Rico. Most of Ryan's extended family live in Pennsylvania. We get together with our extended families during the holidays and throughout the year for family celebrations like birthdays, graduations and weddings.

Our families have always been supportive of adoption. They are excited that we have chosen to adopt another child and we know that any child that joins our family will be embraced and loved.

From Us to You

Hello and thank you for taking the time to get to know us better. We are Ryan and Natalya. We know you are facing some difficult decisions and we truly want to help you make the best decision for you and your child.

We met in 2012 through our work as doctors and were married in December of 2016. In 2020, we adopted our son Marshall. We also have two sweet and gentle dogs who are great with children. Family is the number one priority in our lives. We also believe in working hard and respecting others. These are values we strive to pass along to our son and any future child who joins our family. Ryan has a great sense of humor which helps when life is challenging. And Natalya keeps the family organized which helps when life is busy. As parents, these qualities definitely serve us well.

We both come from large, loving families and we always knew that we wanted to have children. We were not able to get pregnant on our own, despite extensive fertility treatments. We decided adoption was the ideal way to start our family and we adopted our son Marshall in 2020. We love our family but we don't quite feel that it is complete yet. Natalya's has always dreamed of having 2 children and Ryan wants Marshall to have a sibling to play with and share childhood memories.

Any child who joins our family will become part of a large, supportive and loving extended family. We live in a terrific area of Pennsylvania. Our local schools are excellent and as parents, we prioritize learning. We also try to make it fun. There are plenty of family-friendly things to do where we live and we have many interests we look forward to sharing with another child including our love of music, movies, travel, celebrating holidays and getting together with family and friends. While we hope that our future child will love and appreciate many of the same things we do, we are committed to supporting and respecting their individual interests and dreams too.

A child who joins our family will know where they come from. We will make certain your child knows you are their birth parent and knows their adoption story. We will talk about this openly from the day he or she is born, using language and details that fit the child's age and maturity. We have had lots of practice doing this with our son. We will never refer to you in a disrespectful way, regardless of your circumstances. We will always model respect when speaking to your child about you and about their adoption story. We plan to create and maintain a photo book to help us tell your child their adoption story, so they can see pictures of you and the events surrounding their adoption.

If you choose us as parents for your child, we would hope that you would become part of our journey and we would become part of yours. We would hope to have email or telephone/text messaging contact with you before the adoption. We would be willing to meet you face-to-face before the adoption as well, if that is something you would want. From there, we believe it is best to allow relationships to develop naturally over time. We will send regular updates, letters and pictures of your child, so you will never have to wonder what life is like for your child as a part of our family.

We have been looking forward to expanding our family through adoption. We promise to provide a loving and joyful home. And we offer our love to you too, as you face the decisions ahead. We know that you will make the best decision you can and we are grateful that you have taken the time to consider us as potential parents for your child.

Ryan & Natalya


Michael Douglas
Tom Hanks
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Sophia Vergara
Stephen King
Brene Brown
The Alchemist
Candy Bar
Reese's Take 5
Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate
Alma's Way on PBS Kids
Childhood Memory
Seeing WWF Wrestling Live
Eating and drinking coffee at Abuelita's (Grandma's) house
Childhood Toy
My bike
Lulu- a yarn doll I've had since I was born
Children's Book
Goodnight Goon
Goodnight Moon
New York City
Orlando, Florida
Classic Movie
The Ten Commandments
Gone With the Wind
Hot Pink
Day of Week
Key Lime Pie
Bread Pudding
Disney Movie
Dream Car
Chevrolet Corvette
Dream Job
Becoming an owner of my own convenience store in a small town
Broadway star
Dream Vacation
Ireland and Scotland
Family Activity
Going to Busch Gardens in VA
Going to amusement parks
Flower / Plant
Form of Exercise
Holiday Song
The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas to You)
Carol of the Bells
Holiday Tradition
Putting up halloween decorations
Watching "It's a Wonderful Life"
Ice Cream
Dairy Queen Reese's Blizzard
Chocolate Chip
Junk Food
Twizzlers Black Licorice
Jalepeno Chips
Leisure Activity
Watching TV
Going to concerts
Memory with a Child
Visiting the Sesame Street Forest of Fun at Busch Gardens
Our first trip to Disney World
Memory with Spouse
First trip to Universal Orlando
Our wedding day
Thor: Ragnarok
Movie Munchie
Reese's Pieces
Red Swedish Fish
Movie Quote
"Back off man, I'm a scientist." - Dr Peter Venkman, from Ghostbusters
Movie Type
Marvel movies
Phantom of the Opera
Musical Group
Pearl Jam
Nursery Rhyme
Humpty Dumpty
Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
George Washington
My parents
Waiting for Godot
Samuel Beckett
Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Quality about my Spouse
Self confidence
His sense of humor
What is for you will not pass you.
"Just Do It"
King's Arms Tavern, Williamsburg, VA
Grilled Cheese
Grilled cheese or BLT
John 3:16
Shopping Store
Summer, Highland Falls by Billy Joel
We Don't Talk About Bruno
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Larry Bird
Ben Rothlesburger
Sports Team
Kansas City Chiefs
Pittsburgh Steelers
Subject in School
Black Widow
Thing to Cook
Pork chops on grill
Time of Day
Going to Williamsburg every September
Putting up Christmas decorations
TV Show
Cobra Kai
Stranger Things
TV Show Character
Eleven from Stranger Things
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Type of Music
Singer/Songwriter (1970s)
Any and all
Vacation Spot
Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Video Game
WWF Wrestlefest on Arcade
Resident Evil (the original)

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